Are you looking for a fun fair ride for your event? Then why not hire Waltzers from Ryan Pearson’s Fun Fair? The Waltzer is one of the most iconic fun fair rides in the UK and is a firm favourite with adults and children alike. The Waltzer has everything that you want in a fun fair ride – bright lights, the latest sounds and high speed thrills! It really is a classic amusement that you should certainly consider for your event. Ryan Pearson’s Fun Fair has Waltzers for hire as well as an array of other rides, including dodgems, a meteorite (aerial ride) and a twister ride. It also has fun houses, various inflatables, children’s rides and swing boats.

Regular Safety Checks

Of course, when you hire a Waltzer or any other fun fair ride for your event, you want to know that it’s safe. When you hire any ride from Ryan Pearson’s Fun Fair, you can relax in the knowledge that it has been safety checked on regular basis. What’s more, all rides are thoroughly examined every year by a team of independent engineers (appointed by the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain). If you’re in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire or Lincolnshire and are looking to hire a fun fair ride at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To find out more about the company, visit the website today.