Do you require corporate funfair hire in Leicestershire? By utilising our selection of fairground rides and catering units, you can create your very own funfair in your back garden or commercial premises. Build your very own fairground facilities today with Ryan Pearson’s Funfair hiring services.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable funfair hire for a corporate event or a private special occasion, then Ryan Pearson’s Funfair is the right company for you. We not only provide a range of adrenalin pumping and typical fairground rides, but we also have a wide range of catering units available to hire. We provide the best range of fairground foods as well as rides, including German Sausages, Donuts and Toasted Pennines. We even have a great candy floss hire for customers in Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.

If you enjoy being swung high in the sky, twisted until your dizzy, battered on the dodgems, and eat sweet treats until your completely sweetened up, then Ryan Pearson’s Funfair is for you.

We’re unlike other fairground hire companies, simply because we own a great range of our own rides and catering units. With this in mind, we guarantee to our clients that we regularly check and service our rides, so that the rides are always in full working order all year round and most importantly, safe to use.

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