Planning a fun event for your local community or a private function in your own home? If your theme for the occasion is fairgrounds & funfairs, then you will be able to find the best selection of fairground rides, foods and attractions for your guests with our wide selection of hiring services. The true beauty of fairgrounds is that they have fun for the entire family. From those timid toddlers to thrill-seeking grandparents, there will be something for everyone – we’ve embraced that here at Ryan Pearson’s Funfair with our selection of hiring services. If you’re looking for coconut shy hire in Nottingham, then look no further.

Don’t be shy about wanting a coconut shy hire
Launching coconuts with all of your strength is extremely satisfying, and not only that, it’s a great opportunity to win prizes. It’s a common sight at funfairs across the UK, and the prospect of throwing coconuts to win prizes is fun in itself. Whether you’re a toddler, teenager or grown-up, you can have fun with a coconut shy, and we always recommend it to our clients.

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