Do you need to hire a candy floss machine for an event in Nottinghamshire? If so, help is at hand. At Ryan Pearson’s Funfairs, we have been supplying resources for fun events for years, and you can count on us to make an excellent contribution to your big occasion. We can come to your assistance whether you need access to a candy floss barrow, fun house, waltzers, dodgems, twister rides, inflatables, swing boats or many other items, and we can also assist you if you require catering solutions like chocolate fountains, hot dogs, burgers, crepes and donuts. We can cater for you every day of the year and have helped laid down the foundations for scores of excellent events in the past.

Bringing the Magic

We are renowned for our professional approach, with our staff dressing smartly and doing everything in their power to be as helpful and supportive as possible. Do you need toilet facilities, security solutions or marquees? We can help in all of these areas. Events we regularly work on include business get-togethers, private parties, council events, balls, weddings, fundraisers and many more. Why wait any longer to get in touch? Call today.